Leonardo Mogollon

I am a Front-end web developer originally from the city of San Felipe in the central west of Venezuela and currently residing in Sicily, Italy. With over 4 years of experience in the industry, I am a creative and passionate individual, always eager to learn and explore new horizons.

In my current roles, I am actively involved in two exciting projects. Firstly, I contribute as a developer to AUDITECHME, a digital audit app that is revolutionizing the way audits are conducted. Additionally, I am part of the development team at Studio Printing, a digital printing company. In both ventures, my focus is on leveraging my technical skills to create innovative and effective solutions.

My journey in web development began as a freelancer in early 2020, and since then, I have been dedicated to honing my craft. I am committed to staying at the forefront of technology and applying my skills to drive meaningful outcomes.

While previously serving as the Marketing Manager at Grupo Malfre until May 2018, where the focus was on products and services for the home, I bring a unique perspective to my web development journey. My experience in marketing has equipped me with a keen understanding of user behavior and effective communication strategies, which I seamlessly integrate into my web development projects.

Having lived in Mexico adds a multicultural dimension to my work, enriching my ability to create web solutions that resonate across diverse audiences. I am excited about leveraging this holistic background to bring value and innovation to every project I undertake.